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We contract with a network of community providers that help provide and deliver services to older adults and caregivers throughout our 6-county region. Documents and important information for contractors can be found here.

FY 2023-2025 Contract Information and Documents for Current Contractors:

Operating Standards Manual (October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2025):
This document contains the Operating Standards and guidelines that organizations are required to adhere to as contractors of AgeWays.
AgeWays and The Bureau of Aging, Community Living, and Supports Operating Standards Manual for Social and Nutrition Services

Transmittal Letter #2023-505: Adult Day Service Standards
Transmittal Letter #2023-503: Oral Nutrition Standards

ACLS Contractor Background Check Guidance:

ACLS Contractor Background Check Guidance 10.2023
Public Act 28 of 2021
Michigan State Police ICHAT Tutorial

Reporting Forms:

Beginning fiscal year 2023, programmatic and fiscal reporting forms will be completed and submitted via Smartsheet.

Programmatic Reporting Forms:

FY2024 Participant Unit Report- Social/Caregiver
FY2024 Participant Unit Report- Nutrition Services
OSA Quarterly Waiting List Report Form
Evidence Based Quarterly Report

Fiscal Reporting Forms:

Quarterly Report #008: Fiscal Year 2024
Nutrition Financial Year End #1020Y: Fiscal Year 2024
Annual Equipment Inventory #0015: Fiscal Year 2024
Fiscal Year 2024 Nutrition Financial Reporting Link
Fiscal Year 2024 Social Service Financial Reporting Link
Nutrition Holiday Meals on Wheels
Financial Report ARP Fiscal Year 2024
SS Budget Change Request and Rationale FY24

Contract Materials:

Programmatic Forms:

  1. Participant Targeting Plan 2023-2025
  2. Caregiver Targeting Plan 2023-2025 (Adult Day Services, Dementia Adult Day Care, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, and Volunteer Caregiver services only)
  3. Nutrition Services Delivery Charts:
    1. Chart 1: Food Specifications
    2. Chart 2: Menu Specifications and Nutrient Analysis
    3. Chart 3: Program Operations Congregate Meals
    4. Chart 3: Program Operations Home Delivered Meals
    5. Chart 4: Nutrition Meal Site Operations
    6. Chart 5: Main/Satellite Kitchen Operations and Catered Meals
  4. Cycle Menu Template
  5. Holiday Meals on Wheels Plan
  6. Subcontracting Request for Approval Form
  7. Waiver of Service Provision Standard Form

Budget Forms: 

  1. Fiscal Year 2024 Nutrition Services Budget
  2. Fiscal Year 2024 Social Services Budget

Miscellaneous Forms and Resources:

Nutrition Education for Contractors
Information on LGBT Older Adult Population
Limited English Proficient Population in Region-1-B
List of Approved EBDP Programs for Title III-D Funds
National Aging Program Information System (NAPIS) – Participant Registration Form
Nutrition Site Change Request Form

2019 American Community Survey Data:

Livingston County ACS Data
Macomb County ACS Data
Monroe County ACS Data
Oakland County ACS Data
St. Clair County ACS Data
Washtenaw County ACS Data
Region 1-B Poverty by County
Region 1-B Minority Data