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Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D Prescription plans and Medicare Advantage plans is held every year from October 15 to December 7. This Open Enrollment Period is the only time most beneficiaries can change or join a Medicare Part D Prescription plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. Choices about healthcare plans can have a big impact on both your budget and your care. There’s a lot of information and many options, so it can be helpful to talk to someone who can walk you through plan choices.

One-on-One Counseling During the Open Enrollment Period

During the Open Enrollment Period, AgeWays typically holds Assistance Days throughout our six-county, southeast Michigan service region. Events are held at senior centers, libraries, houses of worship and other community venues. These events let you meet with a MMAP counselor who can review your current plan, help you compare options and enroll in a plan.

Make an Appointment to Review Your Plan Choices
Reviewing your plan choices every year can be helpful. Even if you have a plan you’ve been happy with, plans change yearly and even small changes in your personal situation–like taking a new medication–can affect plan costs. We may be able to save you money. Last year, our MMAP team saved beneficiaries over $3 million.

Appointments are available from October 15- December 7. Appointments available in-person, by phone and via Zoom. See the link below for the full list of Open Enrollment in-person counseling events.

MMAP 2023 Open Enrollment Assistance Events

We will ask you questions about your current plan and the medications you take, so you’ll want to have that information handy.

We will begin scheduling appointments September 1. To schedule yours, call (800) 803-7174 or the phone number listed next to the location you choose.

Call Us!

If you have questions about your Medicare Part D Prescription plan choices or Medicare Advantage plan choices, please call (800) 803-7174 to speak with a certified counselor and make an appointment.

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