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Helping Seniors Get Where They Need to Go in Southeast Michigan

Transportation can be the key to independence—helping seniors get to the store, to doctor’s appointments, or out to visit friends and family. AgeWays  myride2 mobility options services helps seniors and their families find transportation options and plan for a senior’s driving retirement.

Myride2 Transportation Concierge Service

AgeWays’s myride2 service can help find transportation options for seniors and adults with disabilities who live in Oakland, Macomb Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Myride2 is a transportation concierge service. That means people can call us, let us know where they want to go and we will arrange transportation from start to finish. This can be especially helpful when seniors need to go on longer trips that take them outside the range of the neighborhood transportation services they might usually use—such as those provided by local senior centers or connector services. There is no charge for arranging transportation through myride2, but there Fmay be a cost for any transportation services they use. Payments are made directly to transportation providers

We have a database full of transportation providers and can help seniors find a provider that’s right for them—whether they need wheelchair accessible transportation, help getting into the building or low-cost options. Transportation options can be requested directly through the myride2 website or by calling myride2, toll-free, at (855) 697-4332. (Please allow one to two business days to arrange a ride.) People can also use the myride2 website to search for transportation providers that serve their area.

Helping Seniors Connect with lyft

AgeWays’s myride2 program also has a partnership with lyft—a private ride service. Lyft works similarly to a taxi service and is great for finding same-day transportation.

Traditionally, riders use an application on their smartphone to request a ride and pay for the service. But using a smartphone can be hard for many older adults and people with disabilities. With our lyft partnership, seniors can call myride2 to arrange a ride instead of using their smartphone.

Riders are asked to schedule trips to originate and end during myride2 service hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm) in order that any unforeseen issues can be addressed.

Reservations can be made during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 am-4:00 pm) by calling 1-855-697-4332.  Credit card information is required to book a ride.

Helping Seniors Transition from Driving

Sometimes it can be clear that a family member is having trouble. Maybe you’ve noticed some damage from a recent fender bender, they’ve gotten lost while on the road, or you’ve taken a drive with them and wondered if their driving skills are still what they should be.

If you are worried about an older adult’s driving, myride2 offers Mobility Options Counseling. This service lets you talk to someone from our myride2 service about your concerns and then make a plan to help your loved one transition from driving. We will give you ideas about how to start a conversation. Most importantly, we will talk with you about alternate transportation options and help you make a plan that will help your family member get around safely when they can no longer drive. Having a plan in place can go a long way in helping both seniors and their family members feel better about making a decision to give up driving. Our myride2 staff are specially trained in mobility options and are there to help. You can reach them Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm at (855-) 697-4332.

Helping Seniors Ride Public Transportation

Myride2 also has a new Travel Training service. The program is designed for first-time and returning riders who need assistance using public transportation and teaches seniors the fundamental skills needed to travel independently.  To find out more about the program or sign up for one of our Travel Training classes, call (855) 697-4332.

Keeping Older Drivers Driving Safely

Driving skills can sometimes decline with age. Vision, hearing, balance and reaction times can change. Medical conditions, or even medications, can affect driving skills. But there are lots of things seniors can do to make sure they continue to drive safely. Below are links to some sites that have tools and information geared specifically to older drivers:
Site from AAA—The Auto Club Group that includes interactive tools to help seniors evaluate their driving ability, understand changes that affect driving performance, and keep skills sharp. You can even sign up for an online driving improvement class for older drivers.

AARP Driver Safety Page
Allows you to locate an AARP Driver Safety Course happening in your neighborhood or take a free, interactive online class.
Interactive site that lets you enter your medications and see if and how they may affect your driving.

The Hartford
Tips on how to have a conversation about driving with an older family member.

Safe Drivers Smart Options
State of Michigan site with tips for lifelong mobility. Resources for older drivers, family members and professionals.