Shelter from the Cold (and Other Tips)

Winter has arrived in lower Michigan, and will most certainly bring snowstorms, icy road conditions, power outages and other inconveniences.

It pays to be prepared for emergencies.

If you have a generator, keep it outside because of the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning from the unit.

Make sure you’ve got three days’ worth of canned goods to eat and 1 gallon of water per person for at least three days.

Keep a flashlight and fresh batteries around for that and medical devices like hearing aids.

Keep a three-day supply of medication.

If you are experiencing a power outage and need to get into a warm space, consider going to a warming center in your county. They aren’t open 24/7, but they can provide you with some relief from the cold. Check our list of Warming Centers  in our 6-county region.